Formula 1


The age of competition

Last month, we wrote about how age is just a number (here to be precise), and no matter how old you are, as long as you’re able to hold a wheel (or even a control pad), age is simply a number and shouldn’t affect your love of sim racing, but what about those competing at […]


The importance of a positive image, both as a team and as a member of that team, cannot be understated, both from a personal and commercial perspective. The same is true in esports, where time and again, a wrong move from a team member has caused the downfall of the whole team. FuturEsports has again […]

Change of the guard?

Formula 1 esports will enter its fifth full season this year, and there are indications that there could potentially be some new challengers to the throne, currently occupied by Dutchman Jarno Opmeer. F1 esports first began in 2017, in which over 60,000 gamers tried their best to qualify for the grid for the final races […]

FEL fell over

Sim racing leagues live and die by their reputation, which takes a long to build and can be destroyed very quickly by rash decisions of a few individuals. New to F1 22 was Formula Euro League, and last month, we reported that they had high hopes for hitting the ground running (here is the link […]

Future signings

Last month, we reported on an unfortunate incident regarding the Hungarian organisation FuturEsports (FES) with regards to signing James Doherty into their ranks, which caused quite a bit of upset in the community (here is the link to the article for more details). The controversey was strong enough that caused their association with Future Racing […]

F1 22 Creator Race-off

The latest iteration of the Formula 1 racing game franchise was released last week, and this is the second game in the franchise to be released since Electronic Arts bought the Codemasters studios on the 7th of July last year (though F1 2021 was only released a week after the purchased, so there would not […]

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The general perception of sim racers, indeed of gamers in general, has, for many years, been the stereotypical image of a teenage boy that doesn’t know what the outside world looks like, surviving on junk food and only leaving the sanctity of his room to go to the bathroom. Before that, video games were considered […]

Shazoo Racing Championship

As the F1 league racing continues to be a buzz of activity of driver and management signings in the run-up to the new game, Team Shazoo has made a new push to advertise the Shazoo Racing Championship, but rather than your usual league setup akin to PSGL or WOR, the SRC is aiming to bring […]

The Global Championship season 1 finale

The inaugural season of TGC draws to a close tonight, and the championship is still up for grabs. Two titanic teams have their sights set on the title, and the advantage very much belongs to Visceral Esports. VSR lead the championship by 35 points over Race Clutch, so whilst the gap isn’t impossible to overcome, […]

Closure for Consistent

A few weeks ago, we had a chat with Oskar from Consistent Racing Esports about the management structure of a modern day esports team (the article can be found here). In that article, when asked about the nature of the management structure they use, Oskar replied with this. The solid baseline for numerous members of […]

The future of Future?

The F1 league racing scene isn’t immune to a scandal here and there, and this week, the subject of two scandals last year was involved in two separate signings that had the community in an uproar. FuturEsports, a Hungarian organisation, has seen a lot of action of late, and are about to launch its seventh […]

A new league launches with high hopes

With the new F1 game launching this month, leagues will be quick to evaluate the capabilities of the new game. It’s not uncommon for new leagues to launch with the arrival of a new title, and whilst Formula Euro League existed previously, it was a Playstation league for F1 2020. FEL launched a new discord […]

VRC Formula Alpha 2022

The official Formula one license has been in the hands of Codemasters since 2008, and the Southam based company has been releasing annual F1 games ever since. Almost every racing game outside of the F1 franchise has its version of the current model of Formula one machinery, such as the Formula A for Project CARS, […]

Floris Wijers returns to sim racing

Sim racing has enjoyed several hugely successful drivers from The Netherlands, and Floris Wijers was one such Dutch driver who put himself in the mix with the very best in the business. Floris was in the F1 pro draft in 2018, and the following year, he was chosen by Haas for their 2019 campaign. Sadly, […]

F1 2021 racing continues with VSL

An inevitable part of an annually released title, such as the F1 and FIFA games, is when the next title in the series is soon due to arrive, the life of the current title comes to an end. With just five weeks until the 28th of June release date for F1 22, league racing in […]

The role of the stewards, part two

Previously, we looked at the role of the stewards, and the potential backlash they can receive when the decisions are contested. When the league is the size of PSGL, they potentially have greater resources at hand to handle the large number of incidents that are raised each week, but what about smaller organisations? Is the […]

Life after league racing

Competitive sim racing at the top level requires a huge investment of time and a large helping of talent. Many drivers have lofty aspirations to challenge the best in their particular field, or to progress to a real racing cockpit, but few ever make it that far. Casper Jansen has been in the F1 league […]

Fabrizio Donoso signs for TF10

Fabrizio Donoso has been in the F1 esports scene since the very beginning, standing on the podium in the first finale at Abu Dhabi in 2017, being signed by eForce India in 2018, and representing Alpine and Race Clutch in 2020, culminating in a successful F4 test at Le Mans. The French-speaking Chilean is now […]

Toxicity and the toll it takes

The world of social media grants us the means to interact with people from around the world in an instant, sharing thoughts and ideas, opinions and facts, experiences and dreams, and everything in-between. There are avenues for discussion and debate, to discover new trends or the latest viral video, a means to keep up with […]

10 hot topics for the F1 2022 season opener

Image © Planet F1 Bahrain is less than a week away and we have recently witnessed the final testing session. There are a lot of changes coming into 2022, most notably the cars themselves, so condensing this article down to just ten points was actually rather difficult. 10. Will Valtteri Bottas find his form? Image […]

PSGL PC F1 Season 30 Round 8 – Spa

PSGL rides again for round eight around the famous Spa-Francorchamps, located in the Ardennes forest in Belgium. PSGL and F1 Esports champion Jarno Opmeer leads the way on 69 points, following on from taking three wins in a row. Qualifying master Bari Boroumand has taken second place with 47 points, just two points clear of […]

Running a sim racing league

Racing in a league, whether it is large or small, takes time if you wish to do well. It takes time to practice in order to improve your time, set up, race craft, or whatever else it is that is needed to move up the grid, let alone the time to actually race anybody, but […]

Grid Finder F1 Community Cup

The folks over at Grid Finder have put together a clash of communities on the F1 game, the Grid Finder F1 Community Cup, sponsored by Grid Rival. Spanning all three platforms and represented by several F1 racing communities in the sim racing world, each league taking part will nominate 2 drivers and 1 reserve to […]

Shanaka Clay signs for Williams Esports

F1 Esports star Shanaka Clay has finally put pen to paper by signing for the mighty Williams Esports team. Up until a week ago, Shanaka was under Aston Martins’s banner but this week, the Reading-based Brit announced that he was now fully represented in Williams’ colours, but it’s not the first time that Clay has […]

One Hub Racing League launches season 20

Today is the day that One Hub Racing fans have been waiting for, as it is the launch day for their landmark 20th season in the Formula 1 game arena. For those less familiar with OHR, they specialise in F1 and ACC racing on the Playstation platform, they are a very popular and friendly place […]

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