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Racing is fun for sure, though not the most environmentally friendly sport there is.

Although that can be changed in several ways with the help of innovations and hard work.

Electric cars, eRacing, and planting trees are prominent places to start the more immeasurable sustainability journey.

GTR24h collaborates with “Racing for green” “Mission and goal: Racing for Green makes racing carbon-negative instead of carbon positive. No matter if you are racing electric, carbon fueled, or virtual. Racing for Green is ready to help you make your event a benefit to the environment” to turn the CO2 from race cars into trees and reduce global warming.

You are probably wondering – but how can I help?

It becomes somewhat simple to make a difference when people work together towards the same goal, but now let’s cut to the chase. The upcoming Le Mans 24 hours Endurance race you have an option to buy CO2 absorption in the form of trees in India, from our partners Racing for green and It becomes relatively straightforward after a proper introduction, so let’s begin by looking at the options below:

The most efficient cars were the diesel Hybrid LMP cars, these cars were high-speed, but because of the very efficient hybrid system, they managed to complete a lap on 4.6 liters of diesel, which is equivalent to 12 kg of CO2.

The least efficient cars are GT3 cars. They use around 9 liters of gasoline on the 13,5 km long lap of the Le Mans circuit. That is equivalent to 21,5kg of CO2.

For the sake of simplicity and transparency, we calculate 20 kg of carbon per lap.

1 x CO2 Neutral Le Mans Lap € 2,19 or USD 2,59

Forest-based absorption of CO2 comparable to 1 lap of the Le Mans circuit at race pace. 

Buy your laps here and support a better environment:

5 x CO2 Neutral Le Mans Lap € 10,94 or USD 12,92

Forest-based absorption of CO2 comparable to 5 laps of the Le Mans circuit at race pace.

Buy your laps here and support a better environment:

10 x CO2 Neutral Le Mans Lap € 21,88 or USD 25,85

Forest-based absorption of CO2 comparable to 10 laps of the Le Mans circuit at race pace.  

Buy your laps here and support a better environment:

It is of utmost importance to understand that we cannot solve global warming by planting trees alone. Trees play a significant role when it comes to sustainability and wildlife itself. We are so used to cutting them down to warm ourselves, build houses, bridges, toys, appliances, and so on,

but do we remember that it is a shelter of the majority of wildlife and a good friend of the ecosystem itself? A perfect example is the excellent Amazon Rainforest or, as of now, a Desert of Amazon. Things can change at an incredible pace in both directions, so let’s make the world a better place together by planting more trees than being chopped down.

Lastly but not least – The Big Green Data:

One tree absorbs, on average, 20 Kg of carbon per year and has a 50-year lifespan.

Trees help eliminate approximately 1 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere during the 50 years’ time. But that said, it is crucial for what the trees are going to be used for after the conclusion of the lifespan. Ensuring the most practical use of the tree is a guarantee, so it would not be used as firewood, but for a good cause instead.

You don’t just plant a tree.

You make the change for a greener world till the end of life of the tree.

It is doing and not being a part of `doing for the sake of doing.´

Handling the planting, tending, and web-surveillance of trees is done by the Global GGW organization. To find out more about the organization, head to –

The trees planted by Global GGW cost around 80€ per tree. Cheaper solutions are available indeed, but there will be no guarantee that the trees you bought will actually grow to maturity and not be chopped down early, and used for firewood or simply just burned away to secure more farming land. Global GGW Makes sure the trees grow to full maturity and the trees don’t end their life in ways that will return the CO2 into the air. 

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