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Whilst the costs of motorsport are forever on the rise, and thus place more pressure on commercial partnerships for teams, the same applies in the sim racing world. Teams will always want to gain and retain the best drivers possible, and in order to provide the best support package possible, the importance of successful commercial partnerships in sim racing cannot be underestimated.

Burst Esport is no strangers to us here at GTR24H, we enjoy the company of two Burst branded cars in the EEWC, one in DPI, the other in LMP2, and the driver lineup they have on board has enjoyed a lot of success recently. Burst already has deals with companies like Nextview Consulting, Goodr sunglasses and Sticky Ideas and Advertising, and now they have a new partner on board, that being Danish digital marketing bureau Become. I spoke to Burst CEO and partner Fanny Posselt for more details.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, explain who Become are.

Become is a digital marketing bureau based in Aarhus, as we are. They support companies in having a strong online presence, and we’ve been working with Become for a few months now, to strengthen the digital presence of Burst by designing and building our new website. 

How crucial is it for the survival of esports teams to have partnerships with companies like Become?

It is essential for our survival to have commercial partnerships, in order for us to grow and improve, but equally, we offer a platform for brands to advertise with us, as any sports team would. A high performing team like Burst includes the drivers,  managers, team engineers, and of course, partners – they are a very important piece of the puzzle, and make it possible for us to both high perform on track, and to make a difference socially through our CSR activities


Burst continues to go from strength to strength, and we look forward to the continued progression of the Burst brand.

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