BMW and FANATEC brings together sim and real life racing

Back in late 2020 at the BMW Sim Life finals, a new revolution in steering wheel technology was unveiled when the all-new 2022 BMW M4 GT3 roared into life and into the studio, piloted by works driver Philipp Eng, who stepped out with the steering wheel, placed it on the in-studio sim rig and started driving there.

Of course, being a ground-breaking first for racing both in the real-life and virtual domains, this technology was front and centre for all to see, and it was well received by the sim racing community!

The development time from computer-aided design, all the way to the actual functioning steering wheel being fully operational was a mammoth task with both BMW Motorsport and FANATEC working very closely together over a period of twelve months, amidst the global pandemic.

This included welcome assistance from the likes of Eng, Brazil’s Augusto Farfus and the BMW Junior Team, who all put this new game-chamging steering wheel through its paces, and making sure it was applicable in both racing arenas.

Have a watch of this wonderful insight in how both brands were able to bring a welcome fusion towards how motorsport can changed in one of the most prominent and recognised inputs – the steering wheel in your hands…..

Video © BMW Motorsport

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