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Formed in 2015 as Hoshizora Shinsei Racing by founding members Sim Kai Wern, Ayman Aqeem, and Amir Haziq, it was the team’s initial goal to unite the passions of anime lovers and motorsports enthusiasts. The team was formed after Ayman Aqeem left for another team and wanted to start a new one. He got together with Sim Kai Wern and Amir Haziq, forming Hoshizora Shinsei Racing.

After receiving a lot of fanfare along with successes in multiple sim racing leagues and mini-tournaments for a couple of years, the team was then rebranded to Blue Steel Racing after it was decided that a new, catchier name was needed. Blue Steel Racing has ever since progressed in Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor2, Gran Turismo Sport, RaceRoom Racing Experience, and amongst other titles in Asia.

The team today consist of Teamleader Sim Kai Wern, Aiman Haziq, Amir Haziq, Wong Wei Siong, and Muhammad Zihni, who are all familiar names in Asia as a very competitive premier team – After a lot of success in different series, the team now joins the Endurance eRacing World Championship in the LMP2 class. They will be competing against top performing teams as Varga Simracing, Mugen Simracing, Deuces MotorSport, Ramada MotorSport, to name just a few.

The Blue Steel team consist of five drivers – where Sim Kai Wern is 28 years old and from Malaysia, and has raced in series as the Asian eRacingGP, becoming the winner of Silver class season 1 – his favourite car brand is McLaren with his favourite racetrack being the Sepang International Circuit. Aiman Hazig is 23 years old and also from Malaysia and has been a sim racer for 13 years now and competed in the SRO Asia GT 2020, ERGP, EES, and Mam Lockdown Championship, and became the champion.

Driver three is Amir Haziq, who is 26 years old (Malaysia) and has been a sim racer since the age of seven – he has taken part in ERGP, EES, 2021 Simracing Legend Mazda MX-5 and became champion etc.  Next up is Wong Wei Siong (Malaysia), who has been competing in championships such as ARL F3 Tier 2 and ERGP Causeway Edition AM – his favourite cars are F1 (Hybrid/NA), F3, Oreca 07 and Porsche 919 EVO.  The team’s final driver is Muhammad Zihni (Singapore), who is an Academy Driver at Blue Steel Racing and has competed in eRacing GP.

Blue Steel Racing has a really good reputation in Asia and is one of the high profile teams from Malaysia, and we already know from our research that they are gonna give the current teams some great competition. We will be looking forward to following the team throughout the next couple of races at Spa Francorchamps in late August and LeMans in October for the grand finale.

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