Asetek launches Asetek Simsports

Asetek which is world known for its OEM Watercooling solutions and heavily used by multiple manufactures such as Corsair, NZXT, Antec, Thermaltake, AMD, and Intel – are surprisingly moving into producing Simracing gear such as Wheels, Pedals and have already launched their UGT Controller software – for configuring your wheel, shifter LED and etc is to be found on their webpage here:

Asetek already employs 18 people in the office working with the developments of the new products primarily Wheels and Pedals and we already know that Asetek will be a strong competitor to brands such as Fanatec, Simucube, and brands that produced high-end Simracing gear. That’s why of late Asetek bought a company in the UK and intellectual rights from a company in Finland (Which companies remain to be seen).  Asetek CEO Andre Sloth comments that he hopes this business will be as large as the Watercooling OEM market.

Asetek is one of the few in the market which already have sourcing and large manufacturing facilities ready in China and has nearly sold more than 10 million watercoolers worldwide and that’s why we already know that Asetek will be a strong competitor to companies like Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Simucube.

The build quality of Asetek products has been their backbone of success for years and we know Asetek wouldn’t do anything half as the CEO Andre Sloth is known to be a perfectionist in anything he lays his hands on. Andre Sloth- is a fighter, an entrepreneur, and a businessman to the bone.  I personally have huge experiences by being a competitor to Andre Sloth in the years from 1999-2003 – when both the Kryotech SuperG and Asetek Lightspeed Supercooling systems were on everyone’s lips – and I am afraid to admit it – but I lost!

So I can guarantee already now – we wouldn’t be disappointed – I would though start to warn any competitor out there – This is Asetek! 

At GTR24h we are really excited about the news and especially like the fresh breath of air into the Simracing market which over the past couple of years have been growing like crazy and there is plenty of room for more.

In the next couple of days, we will try to get more detailed information about this exciting news to reveal more to our many followers at GTR24h.

For more information about Asetek Simsport look here:




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