Announcement regarding Pre-Qualification regulations

The regulations states, that drivers has to do at least 50 laps of driving on the server, and on top of that, LMP drivers should do 10 consecutive laps below 3:30.

These rules are created to ensure the “safety” on the track, and that nobody is driving around having no clue weather to go left or right are the Mulsanne straight.


Due to problems with the development of the qualification software this year, we have not been able to create the necessary tools for participants to track their progress towards qualifying. Therefore the Pre Qualification rule will not be enforced in the 2015 GTR24h.


We are very sorry about this, because consistency and stability has always been a priority for us. It is never fun to travel to Kolding and then crash during the first hours because of somebody haven’t put in the required laps to compete. Whether it is yourself or somebody else, doesn’t really matter.

We strongly encourage everyone to complete the Pre Qualification targets either way, since it ensures that everybody has the ability to go around the legendary track of Le Mans!


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