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From my very first commentary in May 2016, I’ve been the “elder statesman” of the sim racing world, old enough to be a parent of the rising stars coming through the ranks. As of writing, I am 42 years of old with two children of my own, so I came to sim racing much later in life than the champions of today. With my life experience already in hand before I entered the realm of sim racing, this has better prepared me for some of the pressures and difficulties I have faced in the last six years, and I am certainly not the oldest person in sim racing, but there are times when I am reminded that I’m not a “spring chicken” anymore.

That being said, I wouldn’t be involved in sim racing if I didn’t love it as much as I do, and like any parent, I enjoy sharing some game time with my children, and they are getting to a point where they are regularly kicking my backside at games like Rocket League, but they haven’t (yet) got the sim racing bug. Not the case however for Colin and John Rowland-Mason. Colin, a late-thirties racer from Wales, is part of the Esports Wales and TeamTanEW Playstation lineup and has recently signed up for the next season at One Hub Racing, one of the biggest PS F1 leagues around. Colin has a love of F1 and Rugby (almost law in Wales to love Rugby), and whilst Colin will be up against the youngsters on the platform, he is bringing his dad John along for the ride. John, a retired chartered electrical engineer, not only passed his love of F1 and Rugby down to Colin but also represents the dragon with Esports Wales.

John and Colin are wonderful representatives of the phrase “Age is just a number”, and we wish them well in showing the youngsters how it’s done. Youth may not be on our side anymore, but whilst there is a beat in our hearts and breath in our breast, we will give it our all.

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