A new league launches with high hopes

With the new F1 game launching this month, leagues will be quick to evaluate the capabilities of the new game. It’s not uncommon for new leagues to launch with the arrival of a new title, and whilst Formula Euro League existed previously, it was a Playstation league for F1 2020. FEL launched a new discord server this week, as they are now setting their sights on the PC esports realm, and at the helm are several individuals that have quite a considerable amount of experience and expertise in the F1 esports world.

Kaj Eltink, Louis Welch and Matthew Roberts are the people leading the way in FELs relaunch. Kaj and Matthew are management figures in TF10, who are heavy hitters in sim racing with drivers like Fabrizio Donoso under their banner (here is the link where Kaj talked about Fab’s signing), and Louis Welch has been a rising star in F1 esports for quite some time now. At the time of writing, FEL is only running two ties on PC, but they are already attracting several familiar names to their top tier, the likes of Thomas Ronhaar, Luke Smith and Andrey Tarabukin, drivers regularly seen in PSGL’s higher tiers. Here are a few words from Matthew about FEL.

How did you get involved in FEL?

I got involved with FEL through the owner KaJ Eltink who I work with in TF10, we both wanted to start a league for the new game, we work very well together and create a great team.

What’s the long term plan for the league?

The long term plan for FEL is to be an elite racing league, with several esports drivers on the grid, and also to have the next up and coming talent on the grid. We hope to open up more no assists tiers in the future as we believe there is a lot of talent on pc and we want to help them shine on a very competitive grid.


With Kaj’s and Matthew’s management expertise, along with Louis’ extensive experience of the F1 league racing scene, from the bottom to the top, FEL has huge potential to become a home for the best of the best sim racers.

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