Team Manager of Championship Leader Talks After Laguna Seca

Jesper Pedersen, Team Manager and driver in the #94 Burst Esport Simplexity car joined Yousuf and Ewan for an interview after the Laguna Seca race. And here are his comments on the race and their championship lead after seven races in the twelve race GTR24H Sprint Race series.

Transcription of the  video:

Yousuf Bin-Suhayl: Jesper Pedersen joins us in the commentary booth. Jesper, a good third place for you. Damage limitation. Are you guys happy with the result?

Jesper Pedersen: I think you’re never really happy with P3, to be honest, but it was the maximum result we could get today with very limited running up to the race. From that point of view, I’m fairly happy P3, but there’s room for improvement.

Yousuf Bin-Suhayl: And you say that there’s room for improvement you guys were leaving the championship and you’ve been consistent every race, you know, you haven’t got yourself involved in anything at all, but recently Musto and EURONICS they’ve just mean finding this little bit of pace and what do you think it is? Where do you think the time is for you to find or how do you you know close the gap back up?

Jesper Pedersen: It’s difficult to say at the beginning of the Season. We were on pair with those guys on pace both in qualifying and race, but they slowly started moving away, especially in qualifying they have a lot of speed, and we checked and they tried different cars some different set of changes but both me and Casper are iRacing guys normally and we don’t have a clue what we’re doing with these Assetto Corsa set-ups. So we’re still learning. Today it looked like from the corkscrew and to the Finish Line. We were on par with the P1 and P2, but until the corkscrew, the first two sectors, especially in the slow corners they just moved away and acceleration. So that’s where we’re going to focus next.

Ewan O’Leary: All right. Yeah, they were definitely very quick in that race indeed. Just talk us through your idea or your thinking behind changing the driver to in qualifying at the race. That is not something I don’t think we have seen throughout the whole of this season. I have actually not seen it from you guys. So what were you thinking with you starting the car, but Casper qualifying it. What was your thought behind that?

Jesper Pedersen: I had a lot … I had very limited running up to, leading up to the race. I’ve been on vacation. And just drove three hours home to do the race. And Casper has done the preparation. So he was naturally quicker and more confident than I was. But he felt that he was maybe … The last race, when he started the race, a bit too safe in some situations and lost time. So he thought that I should start and I think in turn one we saw that experience was key to get around the big pile up.

Ewan O’Leary: It wasn’t simply a messy start, to say the least now. I just want to look forward to, very briefly, to a couple of weeks in advance here. We’re going to Kyalami which is a circuit that I can’t imagine many people have driven that much around, to be honest. As I said, you have two weeks away. It’s relatively new or whatever. It’s in ACC so how are you feeling about the South African circuit down there at Kyalami?

Jesper Pedersen: It’s gonna be a tough one. The track doesn’t exist in iRacing. So I’ve never done a lap on it. Yeah, so it’s … I’m not sure if Casper has done any laps. Yeah, it’s gonna be a steep learning curve. But yeah, I think we just need to prepare more, even more, and then see how it goes.

Ewan O’Leary: I think a lot of people are going to be in the same boat to be honest because it’s as I said, it’s very very near indeed. But yesterday I thank you very much for coming to talk to us because you and good luck for a couple of weeks away in Kyalami,

Jesper Pedersen: Thank you, guys.

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When John Nielsen won Le Mans 24-Hours in 1990, Peter was hooked with motorsports. He started sim racing on his uncles PC with Formula One Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond in 1992. Then progressed through IndyCar Simulator and IndyCar Simulator 2 on his Amiga 500+. When he bought his own PC in 1994 and a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick he was already deeply in love with sim racing. His first skirmish with light modding was a Pernod Anis blue, white, and red skin for IndyCar Racing 2. He was hooked! But sim racing really kicked off for Peter with Sports Car GT in 1999. And with internet access and what felt like an ocean of mods. Sports Car GT and the F1 simulators with endurance racing mods swallowed most of his spare time. Then the GTR mod for F1 2003 arrived on the scene, from some Swedish dudes who called themselves SIMBIN. That would change everything! Right about then was also when Logitech steering wheels reach a state of useful. So when the GTR game officially released Peter bought a Formula Force GP wheel the same day, went home and founded the Danish Grand Touring League (DGTL). In 2006 the first LAN event was held. This became GTR24H in 2007. As they say. The rest is history!
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