2020 EEWC Prizes update

As Christmas fast approaches and brings to a close to an extraordinary year, not just for sim-racing but also for the whole of humanity we felt a long overdue update on the delivery of prizes would be welcomed.

Firstly we again want to thank all the competitors of our 2020 Le Mans season finale, there were lots of positive messages from this event. We look forward to hosting new teams for the 2021 EEWC series and cant wait to start sharing our hard work and vision with both new teams and old.

We will deliver all the 2020 prizes as promised, some are being held securely in house at GTR24h, others will be shipped directly from the manufacturers.

Those teams who are eligible for prizes will be contacted in the coming days via the email they signed up with to provide a shipping address and phone number as required by the courier. In any case if you are due prizes for either the EEWC Season or the Le Mans event alone then please make contact via [email protected] who will be confirming details provided.

Please bear with us on the timing as there are 45 prizes to be shared amongst 18 teams. I know you have all been patient thus far and we can reassure you that all 2020 prizes will be honoured however delays are inevitable in the current climate. We aim to have those prizes we have ‘in hand’ shipped by the end of the year and at the very least a date for those prizes coming directly from the series sponsors.

About The Author

Simon Marshall
Manager of Team Rookie Monsters, creator of highlight videos for the ACC series. Email me if you have a driver you want to be featured in the next video
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