12 hours of Monza – Weather Forecast: Rain and Thunderstorms

The Weather forecast for the 12 hours of Monza looks to present changing weather conditions going into tonight’s Qualify session and tomorrow’s Race session – this will definitely create some excitement to the race and give the viewers some very interesting racing. The weather forecast for the teams though looks rather dull as it represents coming thunderstorms and rainfall in the Qualifying session hitting the track at around 7 PM CEST(Before Q1) to 10 PM CEST – which primarily is the entire session. The amount of rainfall is still very questionable in the Qualifying session – but it could represent some brief moments of larger downfall.

Weather Forecast for 12hours of Monza

The Race session tomorrow is also a tricky one as it already presents coming thunderstorms and rainfall around 1 PM CEST – only 1 hour into the race and then it will dry up. But later on, more Thunderstorms and Rainfall will hit the track at 7 PM to 10 PM CEST give up to 4.1mm – which would give the teams something to think about in regards to their strategies.  For the viewers, the studio, and our commentary it creates the best possible conditions for a perfect event and would create some good entertainment as it would require the teams to plan and take chances.

Even though it adds excitement to today session and tomorrow’s race the Monza track is placed close to the Alps and changing weather is very common in these parts – so it could turn to the better or become even worse only time will tell what the teams have to endure to safely cross the finish line.  We will monitor closely our live weather radar as the activity in the surroundings is ever-changing here:

Finally looking at the Northern part of Italy – the Milan area is covered in clouds with a certain lightning sign – so it’s not likely gonna be a dull moment. See you all at the track.

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