12 Hours of Monza Special – The Event and results

The 12 hours of Monza Special is in the Box – The purpose of the entire event was to create a summer event for Simracers to enjoy and of course find and solve issues that might be thrown at us. The second purpose for us was also to get a better overview of the future studio production heading into the fall of 2021 – since some of our biggest races are coming in the Endurance eRacing World Championship – The Spa Francorchamps 24H and LeMans 24H. That being said we had a blast in the studio as we were highly occupied with fixing things. But with only two people controlling the entire event – We were pushed to the limits sometimes – but were still able to solve nearly everything thrown at us and found issues that hands down needs corrections to better the experience for us and most importantly for the teams and our viewers. We don’t wanna leave stones unturned – that’s part of the whole GTR24h soul and will never change.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to all the 11 GT3 teams and 1 GT4 team taking part in the event. For us, it created opportunities in the Studio to test and try different things over the Qualifying and Race session to better and improve our streams going forward.  That being said looking at the perspective of the 12 hours of Monza – the race did indeed deliver great racing from the get-go and we had some super racing from all teams – thank you for that.

We saw as well some huge unexpected crashed which definitely were created from hardware failures at the teams – We also think the more advanced graphic features added to rFactor2 might put more strains on the hardware and more cooling is required for a stable environment.  GTR24h will of course investigate things related to disconnects in our own log files and our server tools to get more information on the new rfactor2 1125 build. Most importantly we had no server restart and haven’t had a single one since August 2020(But that was not related to our servers – but due to 6 ppl being disconnected from steam) and we will hopefully not get any in the foreseen future. We always strive to deliver a stable environment for the teams and viewers to enjoy – there is nothing more frustrating to have pauses during races.


Finally, the results of today’s race saw 1/3 of the field completing the race – which for us isn’t common from the teams of this level in the rFactor2 – but the Monza track hasn’t been nice to the teams and has played its tricks since the very beginning of the race – with changing weather conditions and so forth. We did though see 4 teams making it to the finish line  – The 65 VRS Satellite Racing driver Tom Kapusta lead the team to the finish line with a completion of 380 laps and consistency of 96.73% – some awesome driving from the 65 VRS Satellite Racing team drivers and also taking in consideration they started last in the grid order- as they were penalized in Qualifying for ordering the 64 Satellite Racing to push them to the pits due to it ran out of Fuel.

The second place was won by the Greek 14 GSR Team Aston with 376 laps with a consistency of 96.18% also an impressive run,  3rd place was won by the Russian team 717 Unison – with 375 laps with a consistency of 95.17%. The last contender which managed to cross the finish line was 777 DSR Nightmare which was one of the biggest surprises of the race – the team didn’t have the best start of the race and endured a lot of accidents and issues – but showed by keep on fighting you will conquer in the end – an impressive run by the team. The team managed to complete 370 laps with a consistency of 96.18%. If you want the full results of the entire race you can watch it here: https://simresults.net/210801-3XG

Sadly the GT4 car from Team Viadukten did not complete the race due to technical issues.

Moving forward into August and Fall – GTR24H will ramp up the production as we will see the Sprint Series Season 2 in Asetto Corsa Competizione starting, The continuation of the EEWC series, and the Hillclimbing Series. We cant wait to be back in the studio to deliver more insights on the teams, great racing, and stories about their progress. Bring it on.


Pos Up Class Team Laps Retired Best lap Cons. Led
1 ▴ 11 GT3 65 Satellite Racing 380 01:47.5469 96.73% 262
2 ▴ 9 GT3 14 GSR Team Aston 376 01:48.3516 96.18% 0
3 ▴ 5 GT3 717 Unison Racing 375 01:48.2539 95.71% 0
4 ▴ 5 GT3 777 DSR Nightmare 370 01:48.4395 96.18% 0
5 ▾ 3 GT3 33 Mugen Simracing 311 Engine 01:46.7471 97.63% 17
6 ▴ 1 GT3 007 Prosim 308 DNF 01:47.9780 98.05% 16
7 ▴ 3 GT3 62 Unison Racing 204 DNF 01:47.7544 98.78% 9
8 ▾ 2 GT3 51 Ramada MotorSport 183 DNF 01:47.7810 98.82% 1
9 ▾ 6 GT3 64 Satellite Racing 98 DNF 01:47.0420 99.03% 54
10 ▾ 6 GT3 74 Deuces Motorsports Club 65 DNF 01:47.5518 99.23% 20
11 ▾ 6 GT3 23 GSRTeam McLaren 27 DNF 01:47.9158 99.38% 0


About The Author

Jon Fabricius Turell
Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.
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