12 Hours of Hungaroring Charity Race supporting Children of Ukraine – SSRI

The folks over at SimSport Racing International are putting together a charity endurance event on the 16th of April, to support the Children of Ukraine.

The platform will be Assetto Corse Competitzione, and the race will be 12 hours of the Hungaroring, but this is not your usual endurance event.

Usually, drivers would face restrictions on the car class, how many in a team, and how long a driver can race for in a stint.

In this event, no such restrictions will apply, so if the car is in the game, it’s eligible for the race.

Have a team of six drivers wanting 12 stops each? Go for it. Fancy going all 12 hours on your own? Knock yourself out (not literally, though we think you are mad for trying the whole thing solo).

Want to be the only one in a go-kart in a sea of GT3s? OK, you can’t have that one, but the event has the ingredients to be a very entertaining race.

Whether you are looking to take part or spread the word, any support that can be given to the charity will be greatly appreciated.

All details about the event can be found in this article SSRIs website: SimSport Racing Ukraine Children Article


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