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Track update and new skins

Normally, we would argue, the weekend before the event is way too late for making changes to the cars or the track. We are going to make an exception. We have made changes to the track graphics and looks. We have done this, to make it easier to drive in the dark and when it’s […]

Announcement regarding Pre-Qualification regulations

The regulations states, that drivers has to do at least 50 laps of driving on the server, and on top of that, LMP drivers should do 10 consecutive laps below 3:30. These rules are created to ensure the “safety” on the track, and that nobody is driving around having no clue weather to go left […]

Car package BOP announcement

As of todays update, our INTENTION is to not make any more adjustments to the performance of the cars in the car package. We are not promising that we will not make any major performance adjustments any more, but this will only happen based on mistakes found and if we decide it brings value to […]

LMP Templates

As requested, here are the templates for the LMP car skins. When you have created your template, please send it to Enjoy! AudiR18 ToyotaTS040 Porsche919

Regulations 2015

As of today, the regulations for the 2015 GTR24h are available. Go to the download section or get them right here: Please be advised, that minor changes to the regulations can be made during the next couple of weeks or month, if anything special comes to our attention. If you find any errors or […]

GTR24h 2015 first announcement!

Dear participants   A lot of you have been patiently waiting for news about this year’s event. Today, we are going to spill some of it. The format of this years event, will – of course – be very similar to previous years. Last year we took a big step when changing the game to […]

FAQ added

The last couple of weeks we have received a few emails from concerned teams. The teams are questioning how this years event will be held, and they are afraid that the migration to rFactor 2 will be too difficult for now. We are very determined about the change to rF2 and we certain that the […]

New website features

During the weekend we added three new features to our website that you might find interesting. If you go to you’ll find the new features on the pane in the right side. You’ll find that we have added a list of registered teams. The grid spots is filling up quiet nicely, and you can […]

Server and configuration updated

As of today the server has been updated to the new rFactor 2 build 798. This means that you’ll need client version 798 to connect to the server. The password for the server has been changed, and you’ll be granted the password once you buy a ticket. The configuration has been updated, so the track […]