2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Team Registration

2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Team Registration

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The full registration is already underway. The podium teams of all classes have already been notified with the information on how to register. They will have the signup for themselves until January 14th. After this date, all of the other participating teams of 2018 will receive information. They will then have exclusive access to signing up a maximum of 3 cars per team until January 28th.

After January 28th the sign up will be open to the public. And all teams from around the world will be able to sign up a maximum of 3 cars per team.

Like in 2018, there are 40 grid spots available. Once we hit 40 cars, we will initiate the reserve list signup.

The price per car will be the same as the last 3 years, 250 € per car you wish to enter. This year, however, there will not be any pre-registration or separate fees. Once you have paid the 250 € that is all you need to do. So that is different from the usual procedure. Entry fees are, like all other years, none refundable. We hope you understand we need a stable and solid budget to plan the event.

This year, there are new requirements for the teams. Teams are obliged to provide more information on their actions, plans and endevours prior to the race, and GTR24h is obliged to share much more information with the teams. We have placed these requirements on ourselves and the teams in order to create stronger support for the teams and for the teams to support the event as well. More and better communication is a prime goal for 2019.

There will also be a lot better access to information for the fans with the new insider section. For none-team members, this is a paid section of the website that will contain exclusive news and insights both into the teams and the organization. The Insider membership fee is 1 € per month or 10 € per 12 months subscription. We hope the revenue from this new membership section can be used to produce more high-quality content for the fans, and create a stronger fan community around the teams and the event.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Viborg, Denmark in October 2019.

Happy new year!

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