2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Official Results

2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Official Results

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With 43 cars taking part in the 2019 race, there were a lot of lap times, laps, teams and driver names to take care of. But with a lot of video watching and data checking, we are now ready with the official results.

The podium of the three classes was already official at the event. We will list it here, the rest of the result can be found at the results page listed at the bottom of this page.

Hyper Car and overall Champions

  1. #912 Real Esport PRT
  2. #30 Singularity Racing
  3. #18 VRS Coanda Simsport


  1. #15 Simply Race
  2. #55 IRDK Endurance
  3. #13 RARE Endurance


  1. #60 Singularity Racing
  2. #29 Burst Esport
  3. #911 Real Esport / Flexleasing


  1. #63 Viadukten
  2. #99 Team Berni Racing
  3. #74 Nymark Racing Esport

The complete result is available here: https://gtr24h.org/welcome/results-eewc-2019


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