GTR24h – 2017

27th Oct. – 29th Oct.







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  1. Buy rFactor 2 on steam, or activate you rFactor 2 copy on steam
  2. Enter the Steam Workshop and Subscribe to the “Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00” modification
  3. Start rFactor 2, go to Multiplayer and join the server “GTR24h 2017 TEASER”

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Registered Teams

For GTR24h Le Mans 2017


1. Poland FEEDER Ragnar Simulator (LMP)
2. Denmark DGTL Racing (LMP)
3. Denmark DGTL (GT)
4. Denmark RacingRoom #05 (GT)
5. Denmark RacingRoom #29 (GT)
6. Denmark Grippo (GT)
7. Denmark #89 Grippo (GT)
8. Denmark Team Berni Racing (GT)
9. United Kingdom Simtech Racing (LMP)
10. Denmark TEAM RRC (GT)
11. Brazil Black Arrow Simsport (GT)
12. Denmark Endurance Racing (LMP)
13. Denmark InnoTech C2 (GT)
14. Ireland SimTech Motorsport (LMP)
15. Germany Simrace.TV (GT)
16. United Kingdom MK Simsport (LMP)
17. Germany PRL LMP Racing Team (LMP)
18. Germany PRL GT Racing Team (GT)
19. Denmark Team Berni Racing (GT)
20. Denmark Team Berni Racing (GT)
21. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing (GT)
22. Italy Thrustmaster Musto Racing (LMP)
23. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
24. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
25. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
26. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
27. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
28. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
29. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
30. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
31. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
32. Denmark RacingRoom (GT)
33. Germany Vortex Motorsports LMP (LMP)
34. Germany Vortex Motorsports GT (GT)
35. Netherlands #113 RARE Endurance Team (LMP)
36. Netherlands #13 RARE Endurance Team (LMP)
37. Netherlands CRG Holland (LMP)
38. Sweden Team Åkesson (LMP)
39. Ireland SimTech International (LMP)
40. Ireland SimTech Motorsport (LMP)
41. Ireland SimTech Motorsport (LMP)
42. Hungary DHL Racing Team (LMP)
43. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #166 (GT)
44. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #177 (GT)
45. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #177 (GT)
46. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #199 (GT)
47. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #166 (GT)
48. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing #199 (GT)
49. Denmark InnoTech C2 Racing (GT)
50. Netherlands Team DFTBA (LMP)
51. United Kingdom TSEG Motorsport (LMP)
Further details
The annual GTR24h simracing event is one of the most amazing simracing-experiences you can have. Each year the atmosphere and intense battles for positions have left their mark on the memory of every participant!

*We now use rFactor 2, not GTR2

Custom raceframes

Participants brings custom made raceframes to maximize their performance and to meet the requirements by each individual driver. Gadget freak or not, these setups catches the eye of every motorsport enthusiasts and inspires all participants.


Each team is handed out one or two 3x3m tents to build up their pitspot, this team base will be the home for drivers and crew watching telemetry data and communication through TeamSpeak3 to the driving team car.


Each event ends with a podium to celebrate the top 3 teams in each class. The participants describes GTR24h as an inspiring event for young and old simracers, and one of the most amazing experiences regardless of the teams final result.

Cars and track

GTR24h uses the endurance carpack made by Enduracers and a custom Le Mans track, made by Simon Jones and Jeppe Rasmussen to bring you the best endurance racing experience. Download the Endurance mod from Steam Workshop and join the server.

Car pack

LMP Class

  • Lola B08 / B11
  • Oreca 03
  • Zytek / Gibson 015S
  • Ligier JS P2
  • Alpine A450

GT Class

  • Corvette C6R
  • Ferrari 430 GTC
  • BMW E92 M3 GT2
  • Porsche 997 RSR
  • Aston Martin Vantage V8
  • GTR24h 2013 has to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had! and I’ve done some amazing things in my life. Everyone there were so awesome and it is definitely on my to do list every year now

    – Shane Burke, SimTech Motorsport

  • This is really an amazing Event, it’s the top event of simracing, the atmosphere is like at a reallife Racingevent because there is everything at one place, drivers, crews, pits and of course the live broadcasting. The participants and the Organizers are a great community. Don’t miss this experience!!

    – TT SimRacing

  • GTR24h is an inspiring Event for young and old Simracers. The realistic “Le Mans feeling” arises on the basic of: really good balanced cars (BoP), fair drivers, a radio connection between pit and driver and Pit-tool. In case of technical problems you get support from everybody. Last but not least there is a kindly Organizational and Catering Team Maybe you will come to Kolding as a stranger, but you leave as a friend and you will stay there again!

    – Frank Kaubek, S-H Racing

  • As a participant several times in this event, I would like to thank the organizers for this event. It is great and very fun to be a part of the racing and to speak with many of the people you drive against in various Leagues. I also like the felling of racing a 24h race, the atmosphere is bulding up from Friday evening to Saturday when qual go on, and then driverbrefing and race start. When you go into the car yourself, for me it feels like the real thing. I hope it will go on for many years and I have made space in my calendar for the next GTR24h race even. With so many teams from all over the world, whau I say it is GREAT!

    – Gert Nielsen, Denmark